Thor JOnsson


Thor is a composer and

co-owner of Damp

Cellar Music, a music

production company.   Producing and composing music for over 100 TV commercials including:

McDonalds, Bank of America, Toyota, Pfizer, CableVision, Dunkin Donuts. 


DampCellar Music:

Thor consults Composers and Music Producers on anything to do with the modern computer based studio: ProTools. Logic Pro, audio and midi interfaces, plug-ins, system stability, internet, FTP, Remote Access, networking, websites, graphics etc.

Clients include:

Roger Waters. Randy Brecker, Khalis Bayyan (Kool and the Gang), Teddy Reilly (Michael Jackson), Jack DeJohnette, America Online.

Check out the Roger Waters version of “We shall overcome” recorded, edited and mixed by yours truly.



Thor composed and produced two tracks for the upcoming Oliver Stone movie “Savages”, in collaboration with Carmen Yates and Paul Kelly.